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Welcome to the Ivy Kids Kits store!

Here you can purchase our most recently released kits as well as a selection of seasonal past kits. Every Ivy Kids kit includes a new book, guided learning instructions, bookmark reading guide, story retelling accessories, board games, literacy activities, science fact boards, crafting materials, art projects, math manipulatives, science experiments, engineering challenges, and many more activities inspired by the featured book. Everything you need to read, play, create and learn is included in the kit!

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Ivy Kids Kits can be purchased as a "Classic" single child kit or as a "Sibling" version, which includes extra crafting materials for a family member.

Throughout the year we will be offering different past kits so check back often for your favorite. Follow us on Facebook to know when new kits are available and also to be notified of any current deals and promotions.

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